Join us for Presentations by Photographer Tim Boyer


Tim Boyer is an award-winning nature photographer. He is a graduate of Seattle Audubon’s Master Birder Program and his images have been published in many bird and nature magazines. He is a full-time photographer and enjoys sharing his knowledge of photography and birds through workshops and presentations. Shorebirds are his favorite family group of birds, and he spends a lot of weekends on the Washington Coast.

Tim has a degree in Recreation and Parks Management, and had a career as a  mountain guide in Alaska, Washington, Canada, Mexico and Ecuador. He's been to the top of North America (Denali) 6 times. Toss in a few marathons, an 18 year stint at a large non-profit and you can see he is ready for adventure.

Visit Tim's website to learn more. 

Tim will present both Friday and saturday during the 2018 Oregon Shorebird Festival

Learn the Art of Bird Photography

Presentation on Friday, September 21st   7:00 - 9:00 pm

Royal Tern, Tim Boyer

Royal Tern, Tim Boyer

Tim is the author of the newly-released book Learn the Art of Bird Photography, The Complete Field Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Photographers and Birders and is a avian photography work-shop leader of many years. This presentation will take some of the mystery and hardship out of photographing birds. By paying attention to the fundamentals of Sharpness, Light, Composition, Borders & Edges and Exposure you can create beautiful images of birds. There are several things to do and think about before the shoot that will increase the odds of getting a shot and making those images beautiful. In this presentation, topics of what gear is needed, how to setup the camera for bird photography, how to be ready once in the field, how to get a sharp image, composition ideas for birds, the best use of light, and how to get close to birds will be discussed and illustrated.

Bird photography is not as hard as it first seems, but it takes practice, dedication and perseverance. Okay, that doesn’t make it sound easy, but it’s reciprocal: the more you put into learning and practicing, the greater the improvement you’ll see in your images. Master the camera; use good field techniques, then it will be possible to fully become creative, anticipate and capture the peak of the action.

Understanding Shorebirds, The Miracle of Migration

Presentation on Saturday, September 22nd   7:00 - 9:00 pm

Bar-tailed Godwit, Tim Boyer

Bar-tailed Godwit, Tim Boyer

How does a Sanderling that weighs on average of 2-ounces fly 3,000 miles from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands? How does a Bar-tailed Godwit fly from the Yukon Delta in Alaska to New Zealand, in eight days?

The presentation is about the epic migrations of shorebirds. Some Pacific Northwestern shorebirds are discussed as we explore the trans-ocean migration of Bar-tailed Godwits, Pacific Golden-Plovers, Sanderling and other birds that cross the majority of the Pacific Ocean. We’ll look at where they migrate, why they migrate and how they are able to travel so far. These migrants require global conservation and climate change solutions. In a effort to understand their remarkable journeys we need to look beyond the North American borders and see where shorebirds spend most of their lives.

presentations will be held in the OIMB Boathouse Auditorium.